Life moves pretty fast, and wallwisher tries to keep it in order. 

Today was a day when I decided to let the learning take over the direction of my teaching. At half past three it hit me quite squarely that I don’t let it happen enough.

My class seemed to be in a state of readiness from the start. We’d had our holiday on the previous Friday so I guess they’d had enough of the time off and wanted to get straight in. The pace was brisk and fun, work was been written, words being spoken and questions being asked and answered. By the afternoon I was feeling slightly breathless but ready for the final 90 minutes after lunch. I checked Twitter and saw a few bits and bobs, a couple of links then something caught my eye. A link to wallwisher was posted and I was intrigued. I checked it out and saw the opportunity quite literally grow before my eyes. My carefully crafted, long thought over ICT lesson was going to have to wait.

My class filed in and, excitedly, I explained to them this new application and its possibilities for written work and generating ideas. They soon caught up and then passed my enthusiasm, demonstrating yet again that your class are not the only learners in the room. See link for all the fuss.

summerwish on wallwisher

Thanks to Doug for the tweet.