Phototeach? Use PhotoPeach. 

School trip to Firgas - photopeach slideshowSometime ago someone on my Twitter network posted a link to PhotoPeach which I looked at, book marked on delicious then thought nothing more of until this week. John Sutton (@HGJohn), an ICT Consultant working in Primary schools, blogged about his use of PhotoPeach pointing out that a group of Year 3  children ‘found the interface very easy to use and have been able to create slideshows entirely independently with the site’. So with that in mind I decided to give it a go and try it out in class.

I won’t go into how to use PhotoPeach in this post but just to tell you that it is incredibly easy to set up a slideshow which can also include a Quiz option. It’s so easy to use that after I demonstrated it and taught my class how to use it, they have been creating their own PhotoPeach slideshows without any guidance from me. Example 1, example 2, my own example based on a school trip.

3 of our senses on PhotoPeach
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