Myst returns

Myst V - End of Ages

Over the next 2-3 weeks we will be strolling through ‘Stories set in Imaginary worlds‘, a unit of work from the Literacy  Primary Framework. It suggests a range of activities including using digital media as well as ‘traditional’ books. Teachers are left with a choice – use the activities suggested, adapt the acitivities suggested or take the objectives and create your own activities. I’m going for the latter.

I first used Myst with a class whilst teaching in Gran Canaria and I can only describe the outcomes as fantastic. These are children who had English as their second language and still, they wrote powerfully descriptive stories and used ideas to create game trailers. The unit was a success but the most important outcome was the sheer enjoyment, inspiration and enthusiasm the children showed throughout. Over the next 3 weeks I will revisit Myst with my new class and I am looking forward to this inspirational teaching and learning experience with fervour.

Using a game as a source of teaching and learning is creative. Use it well and it will inspire.