What did I get from BETT2010?


I went with an open mind to the BETT show yesterday. I knew that it would be big, bold and brash but I had not realised how big, bold and brash it would be until I walked in through the front door into the main hall. I can safely say it was very noisy and very busy. The whole place is pictured very well by Roger Neilson’s post ‘Swimming with sharks or a village market‘. There are many other blog’s posting about BETT (Jan Webb’s ‘A Big BETT2010 day out‘ for example) that brilliantly describe the day’s events. I want to concentrate on what I got from it.

  • BETT is a showcase filled to bursting – it needs to diet not gorge out next year
  • The Teachmeet Takeover was brilliant – a successful mix of inspirational teachers demonstrating the effective use of free tools in the classroom
  • Teachmeet BETT2010 was outstanding
  • Meeting teachers from my Twitter PLN was the single most important part of my day
  • I had great conversations, exchanged many ideas, learned about new tools and left refreshed and energised!

You walk around BETT, like many others, with a face of non-compliance. You window shop and occasionally chat to the sellers about products that have no place in the classroom; 3D tech wins the most pointless tool award.

What made BETT worthwhile for me? The sharing of ideas with genuinely inspirational teachers and educators.

Tweeting at TeachMeet (Photo by Mr Ush blur added by myself)