What’s coming up. Floaters.

Crystal ball by David Reece

Okay now, a floater to some might raise a few brows and cause a few to smirk. But a floater to me is an idea, and one that doesn’t go away easily. A floater comes to mind when you are usually not following the ‘rule books’, when you decide to go with the flow in the classroom and see what the outcome will be rather than try to get to the outcome you have written down. A floater can be brilliant but also annoyingly out of reach. But it’s always there and always wants to be given a chance. Here are my floaters for the year ahead.

  1. Allow my class to talk more
  2. Make the school VLE a LEARNING ENVIRONMENT!
  3. Create an ‘old school’ interactive learning display
  4. Be more creative in my approach to other parts of the curriculum e.g. Use Green screen in RE lessons to retell stories from bible
  5. Bring my guitar into school everyday for no other reason than to sing with the class
  6. Be positive and stop moaning (but some things I have to moan about and I will continue to do so)
  7. Ask my class for more feedback
  8. Talk to my class more rather than getting through the mountain of objectives
  9. Continue my personal pursuit to rid the world of pointless homeworks
  10. If Oftsted do actually make an appearance this year, welcome them with open arms and have fun

Let 2010 commence.