Netbook Maths – arcademicskillbuilders

Arcademic Skill Builders

This is a quick post about the following site, which I found out through my PLN on Twitter via @bevevans22.

I’d been looking for some Maths sites for Netbook use and in particular team games and collaboration. We have used and still do use the brilliant tutpup site but I’m always on the lookout for others to add to the resource list. This is one site that will be bookmarked for continued use by my class as they enjoyed the activities and learned too.

Both Tutpup and Arcademic have a common factor – they allow for multi-player games. This means that children in your own class can end up battling it out against each other with nothing but their Maths skills to get them through. What I particularly like about arcademic is that children can create their own games room and password protect it. Only those with the password can access the room, making this a great tool for group activities. There’s also an option to customise games giving pupils and teacher the possibility to design games appropriate to ability.

I’m very impressed with arcademic and will definitely continue using it with my class. What do you think? Have you used it?