To those that help

A couple of days ago I asked for guidance from my PLN on Twitter. I simply asked

Asking for help

I received a great response and one person in particular; @primarypete_ offered his help through direct messages and then emails. He has even offered to help me with the process by going through my school’s journey towards the ICT Mark and suggesting what we could do to get there. His help is very much appreciated. And that got me thinking. Sometimes we go through our lives in Education without receiving the thanks that we deserve. So here’s to you all

Thank you all for your help

And in no particular order

@tombarret Thank you so much for you fantastic ideas, your inspiration, your continued exploration for using tech in the most effective ways possible in the classroom and for sharing your ideas with us all.

@simonhaughton Thank you for your never ending supply of outstanding resources with 2Simple software and your helpfulness with links and ideas

@dajbelshaw Thank you for your wisdom, your take on education and your speakers and DVD player 🙂

@ebd35 Thank you for your wit, your kindness and your help over the last few months.

@dawnhallybone Thank you for your inspirational use of hand held learning and your ability to just tell us about the world outside of education

@grumbledook Thank you for your help with ETRU and tech related questions

@islayian Thank you for your thoughts and questions about my return to the UK and the photos you post of your beautiful island

@josepicardo Thank you for boxoftricks, your great Sunday dinner photos that always have me wishing to be at yours and reminding me hablar en español

@porchester Thank you for your 2Simple posts and knowledge of tech, along with Simon you two reign supreme with 2Simple

@russeltarr Thank you for your wealth of generosity – where do you find all those links!

@LibWithAttitude Thank you for our class skype together and your informative posts on an essential part of school life – looking forward to meeting you in London for the Seminar

@bevevans22 Thank you for your planning questions which in turn are helping me to design my own approach

@timrylands Thank you for your charm, your enthusiasm and your use of Myst that got me started in the first place

@stuartridout Thank you for your help with my own TeachMeet in Gran Canaria and an insight into some amazing tools

@markw29 Thank you for your always sound advice and enthusiasm and thanks to @TeachingIdeas for it’s inspiration and help

@chickensaltash Thank you for your good natured spirit and fun approach, your posts are always helpful

@geraldhaigh Thank you for being through it all and giving us your wisdom and knowledge, and also for the music!


And now for the cheesy (but honest and well meaning) part

If you haven’t started following these people then do so. You will not only find a wealth of knowledge and ideas but kindness and a good ear. I have not met any of them personally, a few I have only seen online but I consider each as a friend that I will someday meet face to face if only to shake their hand and tell them personally how much their 142 characters mean to me.