Using a PSP in Maths

PSP preloaded with SUMS Handheld Maths software

Today was the second day that I used the PSP’s with my class during Maths and the effect was just as good as the first – instant feedback during work creates a better learning atmosphere.

The Lesson

After day 1 last week, I came to the conclusion that my class needed to record their work done using the PSP’s not just use them. Call me old fashioned but I do like to see children write and have some evidence of written work. I explained that they would use the PSP for their Maths activity but would have to work out their answers first in their books before submitting it on the PSP. There were a few moans but within a few minutes the class was buzzing with the sound of clicks, pencils scribbling away, some groans and many cheers as answers were found to be correct. Progression is done by answering all the questions in the Easy level before moving onto the Hard level.


The class stayed on task and they completed their work with fervour and enthusiasm solely because the software on the PSP gives instant feedback. As a teacher I want to try and give everyone the immediate feedback they deserve but as we all know this is nigh on impossible to do with a large class of children. Unfortunately there isn’t a viable way that I know of to create a log in system for each PSP whereby a student’s progress can be recorded no matter which PSP, hence the use of written records.

Points to note

  • The PSP’s in our school are preloaded with SUMS Handheld Maths software and it works through the browser so you need to set aside time to demonstrate accessing the software and combatting any display issues beforehand.
  • Also, kids speak ‘PSP’ so use PSP symbols to explain and instruct and they will understand quicker than using teacher speak.