The start of a new chapter.

new beginning

Photo courtesy of orb9220

I’ve arrived back in England and apart from the rain, storms and thunder I’m very happy to be back. I have a multitude of things to get through over the next few weeks but today I visited my new school and what a joy that was.

From a purely technological perspective the school is well resourced and there are a few tools that lit up my eyes leaving my brain whirring with ideas and uses in the classroom. In the hardware section I’ll have access to PSP’s and notebooks, and in software I’ll get to use 2Simple’s collection of tools for the first time; I’ll be making quick clicks to a wonderful set of resources designed and created by @simonhaughton and @porchester very soon. Along with the school moving over to the Fronter learning platform sometime in the new term I’m buzzing with ideas and excitement and I am looking forward to starting in September.