Classroom connections

old telephone

Today had been a day I’d been looking forward to for quite some time. A number of days back I received a tweet from Bev (@LibWithAttitude) who suggested organizing a possible link with my class regarding our favourite books. Over the last couple of weeks we used Twitter to develop the idea, decide on what form of connection we would use (Skype), fret over the permission slips from parents but today we managed to put it all into action.The idea was simple – to ask our children to talk about their favourite book and perhaps read a few lines from it. This would be done via Skype using a video link up. After tweeting Bev, I explained to my class that they would be talking via video with another group of children in the UK. We both had to draw up permission letters that would allow our children to take part in the Skype talk and fortunately for my own class this wasn’t an issue; only a few of my pupils couldn’t take part but could sit in during the discussion.

It was a wonderfully productive experience and one that I will definitely use again in the future. My children were excited before, during and after and we spent the rest of the afternoon talking about it and discussing favourite books. For children who are second language learners it is a fantastic way to help improve English speaking and listening skills and it also brings a dimension of real life into the lesson. Hopefully I will be able to use Skype with my new class next year to contact the class I am soon to leave behind. I’ll let you know 🙂

Thanks to Bev and her children for making this possible! You were fantastic.

image courtesy of blmurch