Children’s ideas for a future classroom.

Earlier this week I gave my class a ‘thinking’ assignment to prepare for today’s Literacy lesson – ‘Future Classroom’. The brief was simple – what do you think a classroom will be like in the future? Here’s what they came up with 🙂

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I used our class area on Edmodo to set up the assignment and also posted a few links to give them ideas. During the week I checked in on Edmodo between 6pm and 7pm each night to offer more guidance and was encouraged to find my class posting their own collected links and offering each other help.

So this morning we used traditional pencil and paper to gather our ideas and draw our visions of future classrooms. I used a webcam to capture live video of the drawings and the children explained them without a prepared script. We then sat down and, using MovieMaker, we edited the film together including coming up with captions. The end result is fantastic. The children were silent for the film and applauded at the end, congratulating the presenters.

Using MovieMaker like this, or any other movie editing tool, is an effective way to enhance speaking and listening skills not only for students learning English as a foreign language but any student wanting to improve their language development. It’s also a brilliant way to give students in your class a voice.