TeachMeet Gran Canaria 09

It was half past three; fifteen minutes before the first ever teachmeet to be held in the Canary islands and I was sitting in my classroom pondering whether or not to present the event or not.

Earlier that day I had been informed that due to a slight mixup in dates someone had inadvertently set up a Secondary Teachers meeting at the same time and day as tmgc’09 and would leave attendance for it decimated. Would I give in and shout expletives and trudge to my car swearing? Not a chance.

Presenting at teachmeet gran canaria

Presenting at teachmeet gran canaria

There were 4 of us and we had a great time. I kicked off the event by thanking them for coming and got straight into presenting my use of Edmodo to the group. I realised quite quickly that the teachmeet ‘rule’ of a 7 minute presentation was not going to be enough,  but I afforded myself some extra time as I was the only speaker. Questions were asked which I duly noted for later discussion and a couple of Tweets popped up to wish me luck and say hello.

I then talked about using Animoto (7 minutes),  Prezi (2 minutes), Myst (2 minutes), VoiceThread (7 minutes) and finally my use of Twitter and blogging for my PLN (2 minutes).

At the end I showed Stuart Ridout’s presentation fantastic video about his use of Weebly and Atmosphir and we were all very impressed by his presentation (which you can watch if you follow the link). Thank you again Stuart 🙂 The group was impressed and inspired and one left saying,

‘My mind’s boggling but boggling in a good way.’

The teachmeet was a success in its own way as today I’ve been asked more questions by those who attended and even more by those who didn’t. I’ve come away with a desire to keep talking about using these tools in class, explaining why I find them useful and why they they help inspire my class. And I can not wait until I have the chance to attend my first TeachMeet in the UK.