#notonislay – but flashmeet serves up

Another great gathering of like-minded folk

Another great gathering of like-minded folk

Earlier this evening I had the pleasure to attend, via flashmeeting, an ‘un-conference’ centered around the question – ‘What is your vision of education in the year 2020?’  For those of us that attended the meeting it would be the only taste of the distillery event that we would have, whilst the visitors to the Isle of Islay would be basking in whisky face to face discussion.

Unfortunately the server on Islay thought better and refused to function leaving us ‘flashmeeters’ with no choice but to continue regardless.There may have only been a few of us but the craic was good and the talk and topics of discussion were even better. We were a little slow to start as any of us would be but Neil, John, John and John kept the talk flowing and soon along with Claire, Anne Marie, Pete, Margaret, Caroline, Mairi and myself, we began an in depth meeting about the future of education, the role that assessment would play, how parents could be involved and even went as far as discussing future classroom organisation involving sofas and cushions (thanks Pete) – all interspersed with classic 80’s tracks from Claire’s position in BBC Scotland’s canteen.

Thought provoking, funny, interesting, serious and heartfelt. I’ve got a few ideas from this meeting and yet again I’ve come away inspired by educators like myself that want to make a change.

You can watch the flashmeeting here