Linking up with other schools

working togetherOver the last week I have been very fortunate to link up with a school in England all thanks to Tom Sale (@TomSale) a Y6 Primary teacher in Blackpool, Lancashire.  He started using Edmodo as a way to create a paperless teaching environment and through Twitter asked me if I would like to join in on a end of term project he had created. I jumped at the opportunity as it give my class further opportunites to develop their English langauge skills and do do to a wider audience.

Tom’s idea was to have his children plan for a trip to Paris using

  • an excel sheet he designed to find out the budget
  • create a postcard and email it
  • complete further activities posted as an assignment on Edmodo

You can read about his ‘Paperless Lesson‘ for further details.

Tom also suggested using Wallwisher to create a wall of questions that both our classes could post on and then return to  later to find answers to those questions. You can see the wall here. My class enjoyed this exercise especially as they knew children in England would be answering their questions so they tried very hard to make sure they wrote them correctly. This type of interaction is  important for second language learners as it makes the learning real. I am particularly looking forward to the next part of our link up when we use VoiceThread which will allow my class a chance to express their views and ask questions verbally. Another fantastic learning opportunity.

reading togetherOver this week I have also been invited to join Bev (@LibWithAttitude) to discuss our favourite reading books. We are going to use Skype for this so I had to make sure I got permission first from parents. Only those children with permission will be involved in the conversations but the whole class will participate. I am really looking forward to this and my class have started discussing their favourite books already. Such an activity in itself has also led me to start a VoiceThread of our favourite books.

To make sure everything will work as planned I skyped my mum and my class had a wonderful time asking her questions and then using Google Earth to locate her whereabouts.