(I’m looking for participants to pre record a presentation that I could use during #tmgc09? Let me know if you’re keen on Twitter @kvnmcl or my contact me page)

I have been organising a ‘TeachMeet‘ to be held here in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria next week 11th June. A TeachMeet is a place where like minded teachers can get together and find out about the use of new technologies being used in the classroom. I attended TeachMeet Midlands using FlashMeeting and I was excited and inspired enough to try to recreate or at least try to put together a TeachMeet here in Gran Canaria. It hasn’t really been easy but it hasn’t put me off and the event will be held next Thursday from 6pm to 8pm in the comfort of my own flat next to the sea!

Unfortunately due to bandwidth issues I will not be able to hold a FlashMeeting during the event but I do promise to keep everyone informed through Twitter, video highlights, and by posting back here (or hopefully through the TeachMeet  pbworks pages).

Outline for the evening

I will speak about my use of Edmodo, Animoto and Voicethread: Sam (teacher in same school) speaking about using Edmodo and her SMARTboard activities with Y6

As you can see it is very brief but it’s a start. Not many teachers here are aware of the online tools at their disposal and I am using the event as a demonstration of what is possible even if they are limited to a single classroom pc. I will fully respect the TeachMeet ‘rules’ and there will be a TeachEat during and later, with a definite visit to the bar next to the beach to watch the sunset.

If you don’t already know what a TeachMeet is then be sure to check the link 😉