Using tools to raise standards.

Over the past few weeks I have been using many tools in my class to help enhance my teaching and enthuse my class. I can safely say that it has been a complete success. From the ‘wow’ factor of Prezi for presentations to the exploration of a different world in Myst each has benifitted my teaching.

But have these tools achieved a similar desired effect in learning? I will use examples of my own pupils creative writing to help explain this.


From the examples I have shown you can clearly see a heightened sense of enthusiasm for the work that uses Myst as its source of inspiration. The use of Myst in my classroom has been tremendously rewarding not only for helping to raise standards of creative writing but for improving speaking and listening skills and collaborative thinking.

It will take time to assess  if the use of tools in the classroom can directly lead to raising standards in the classroom. But from the past few weeks that I have been using them, they have brought a level of unmatched eagerness and fascination to my classroom that cannot be assessed or adequately expressed until you too try using them as part of your teaching.