Myst V – first week finished

Myst by Maria H.

I thought it would be of interest to post my thoughts, conclusions and also comments from my class after our first week of exploring and using Myst in our classroom. 

I had my initial doubts whether the use of the game as a teaching and learning tool would be suitable for a class of children who have Spanish as a first language but after playing with the game I decided it would be a wonderful opportunity for developing speaking and listening skills. My thoughts were proved correct as the game has brought so much conversation into the class and with it more descriptive and interesting language.

Children are using words in conversation and writing that they have never used before and this all stems from using the game in class. 

I have seen a marked improvement in writing and attitudes towards writing activities that are linked to the game. One girl in particular has produced her best piece of unaided writing this year solely because of her enthusiasm for the game.

The use of technology has been tremendous and I have been using Edmodo, Animoto, Audacity and currently Prezi with the class to follow on with Myst activities. The children are also using these tools at home to create trailers and presentations (I hope to have some Prezi presentations made by the children to show you soon).

The children are so enthusiatic in Literacy lessons now, myself included and we have already started our 2nd week. I will continue blogging about using the game and the activities that I use with my class and hope to have a resource available to any one who wishes to use it in the future.


I hope you enjoy listening to the comments from my class.