Myst V – Day 4

I’ve been looking forward to this day since first reading about using Myst in the classroom from Mark Warner’s site. I wanted the class to write and perform their own voice over scripts for use with the trailer I created yesterday. I uploaded the trailer last night onto our Edmodo area and after a few minutes responses to it came from some children in my class. They were all looking forward to script writing.

I began the lesson using the Prezi presentation which grabbed their attention immediately. Prezi is such a useful tool and I will definitely use it more in class. I set up the hot seat and watched as child after child tagged each other to discuss the questions on screen. The speaking and listening that comes out of using Myst is frankly brilliant and my class who are second langauge children are benefitting enormously from it.

One girl in my class had already prepared her script after watching it on Edmodo the previous night and she couldn’t wait to ‘show it off’ to the class. There was tremendous applause afterward and everyone couldn’t wait to get to work on their own scripts. I sent them off with their writing buddies and they worked with diligence and enthusiasm. What made this writing task more difficult was that they were restricted to a 30 second timeframe within which they had to create a script that would persuade and inspire others to buy the game. I wasn’t disappointed with the results.

Tomorrow I’ll ‘find some time’ to mix the first voice over onto the trailer and hopefully post it here.