Myst V – Day 3

The excitement and anticipation that this game has brought to my class is truly an inspiration. Before we had even gotten into the classroom children were asking me when we were going to do Literacy. It’s become their favourite subject with no exceptions.

I set up two chairs for hot seats and asked the class to recap on yesterday’s events. I use hot seats in the way wrestlers use their partners – children can tag others to get into the seat to talk and since we started using Myst everyone wants to talk. It’s a busy 5 minutes and the conversation is wonderful; I will have to record one session for you to listen to so you can experience the intensity of discussion.

I wanted the class to explore the use of descriptive language in the game and then collect synonyms for use in their own writing. I have never seen a class so enthusiastic to use a thesaurus! Children were calling out a rich collection of vocabulary that they frantically scribbled into their Myst diaries for future reference. I then described that this vocabulary was important as we would use it for the next step in our Literacy – creating a voice over for a Myst Trailer.

Mark Warner has used this approach to great effect and these videos demonstrate this quite vividly. I showed the videos to my class and explained that they too would create their own voice over for Myst V. I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s start on the voice over writing and I will continue posting what happens and hopefully provide a few excerpts of the children’s discussions. I have also explained to the class that I will post the trailer for Myst V on our space in Edmodo so perhaps some children will already have made a start by class tomorrow.