Riddle me this – Using Podcasts in the classroom

I’ve known about podcasting for ages but just never got round to trying it out for anything remotely connected to teaching and learning. I knew there were podcasts that could and should be used in the classroom, I knew there were many inspirational blogs about that would teach me how to make one myself but I was just a little too lazy to think about it. Until today.

Recently I started using Myst V in my classroom and this, along with José Picardo’s excellent ‘Podcasting in five easy steps‘ tutorial, gave me the push to make my own. José’s tutorial is easy to follow and it got me up and podcasting in minutes. I had used Audacity many times in school and after recording my spiel I changed the recorded pitch to give it a mystical quality. I added an atmospheric background track from *Garageband and then exported to mp3. Easy. Next step was to sign up for a PodOmatic account and upload my first podcast then subscribe it to iTunes. It was a very simple process thanks to José’s excellent step by step guide.

Riddle me this

My idea is to create 30 podcasts all of which are riddles taken from online resources and those created by myself and to post each as assignments in Edmodo for my class to solve. After having collected 29 answers they will then use some of these to solve the final riddle. Over the next week I’ll introduce my class to podcasting and how to make their own, and I will encourage them to post recorded answers to the riddles using Audacity.

The riddles are in my RSS feed.

*If you don’t have a Mac with Garageband you can use Audacity to create the entire podcast as suggested in José’s blog post.